Winter maintenance

In the area of winter maintenance, we have developed a full-scale system of services:

  • Mechanical removal of snow
  • Mechanical road cleaning using spreaders with inert or chemical material
  • Snow haulage
  • Removal of winter maintenance materials, waste, etc. 

In this field, we mainly focus on corporate clients who require facilitation of winter maintenance on company compounds and any areas that need to be ready for business every day, such as:

  • Shopping centers
  • Company compounds and warehouses
  • Private parking lots, etc.

The main advantage of provided services is our cost-free supervisory center, i.e., 24/7 monitoring of weather situation for the purposes of timely dispatching of service vehicles.

The aim of winter maintenance – is to provide the full scale of services needed to address adverse weather conditions automatically and 24/7.
The importance of these services is mostly appreciated by clients who manage retail properties such as merchant chains. Such properties have to be ready for business every day so that customers can carry purchased goods conveniently into their vehicles across a clean parking lot.Čas trvania zmluvného vzťahu – Obyčajne sa zimná údržba objednáva na celé zimné obdobie, ktoré je zadefinované v čase od 1.11. do 31.3. každý rok a počas tohto obdobia je sledovanie poveternej situácie výlučne s réžii spoločnosti PROGRES MT s.r.o.

The duration of the contract – Usually, winter maintenance is contracted for the whole winter period which is normally defined from November 1 to March 31. Throughout this period, the monitoring of weather situation is the duty of PROGRES MT s.r.o.

Exclusivity of PROGRES MT s.r.o. services – Since we operate based on long-term contracts; we guarantee timely action by reserving equipment per client or per their property.

All further requests for addressing weather situations from other clients are accepted only if all our long-term clients have their compounds 100% ready.
If the weather monitoring service indicates adverse conditions, our equipment will be on duty so that repeated cleanings can be done throughout the day.

Time schedule of preemptive winter maintenance – for the purposes of our logistics, we have developed a schedule that is also a part of our contracts. It serves the purposes of exact definitions of individual actions so that our equipment can be at the client’s site on time.

We recognize so called three waves of action that are divided into the following time slots:

  1. Wave – action started, respectively finished until 7 AM (or earlier)
  2. Wave – action started, respectively finished until 10 AM
  3. Wave – action started according to an operative phone call without a set finish time

The duty of winter maintenance, respectively snow removal, is applicable to each property owner and public area manager, cf.  Košice city general statute number 33 on winter maintenance

PROGRES MT s.r.o. company performs winter maintenance services using exclusively own equipment or equipment of verified contractors. We are properly insured so that eventual damage resulting from winter maintenance actions is covered throughout the duration of the contract. We use only verified winter maintenance materials and we respect the environment.

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